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New Testament in a Year - July 26


Acts 21:1-16 - Easy-To-Read Version (ERV)

July 26

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Paul Goes to Jerusalem
211We all said good-bye to the elders.* Then we sailed away. We sailed straight
to Cos island. The next day, we went to the island of Rhodes. From Rhodes we went
to Patara. 2At Patara we found a ship that was going to the area of Phoenicia. We
went on the ship and sailed away. 3We sailed near the island of Cyprus. We could
see it on the north side, but we did not stop. We sailed to the country of Syria.
We stopped at the city of Tyre because the ship needed to unload its cargo there.
4We found some followers [of Jesus] in Tyre, and we stayed with them for seven days.
They warned Paul not to go to Jerusalem because of what the Holy Spirit* had told
them. 5But when we finished our visit, we left. We continued our trip. All the followers
[of Jesus], even the women and children, came outside the city with us to say good-bye.
We all kneeled down on the beach and prayed. 6Then we said good-bye and got on the
ship. The followers went home.

7We continued our trip from Tyre and went to the city of Ptolemais. We greeted the
brothers (believers) there and stayed with them one day. 8The next day we left Ptolemais
and went to the city of Caesarea. We went into the home of Philip and stayed with
him. Philip had the work of telling the Good News.* He was one of the seven (helpers).*
9He had four daughters who were not married. These daughters had the gift of prophesying.*
10After we had been there for many days, a prophet* named Agabus came from Judea.
11He came to us and borrowed Paul's belt. Then Agabus used the belt to tie his own
hands and feet. Agabus said, "The Holy Spirit* tells me, 'This is how the Jews in
Jerusalem will tie the man who wears this belt.* Then they will give him to the
non-Jewish people.'" 12We all heard these words. So we and the other followers [of
Jesus] there begged (asked) Paul not to go to Jerusalem. 13But Paul said, "Why are
you crying? Why are you making me so sad? I am ready to be tied in Jerusalem. I
am also ready to die for the name of the Lord Jesus!" 14We could not persuade him
to stay away from Jerusalem. So we stopped begging him and said, "We pray that what
the Lord wants will be done."

15After this, we got ready and left for Jerusalem. 16Some of the followers [of Jesus]
from Caesarea went with us. These followers took us to the home of Mnason, a man
from Cyprus. Mnason was one of the first people to be a follower [of Jesus]. They
took us to his home so that we could stay with him.

Footnotes: elders A group of men chosen to lead a church. Also called "overseers"
and "pastors" ("shepherds"), they have the work of caring for God's people (Acts
20:28; Eph. 4:11; Tit. 1:7,9). Spirit, Holy Spirit Also called the Spirit of God,
the Spirit of Christ, and the Comforter. Joined with God and Christ, He does God's
work among people in the world. Good News, message The news that God has made a
way for people to have their sins forgiven and live with Him forever. helpers Men
chosen for a special work. Read Acts 6:1-6. prophesying Speaking or teaching things
from God. prophet A person that spoke for God. belt Paul's belt; so Agabus means
that the Jews in Jerusalem will tie (arrest) Paul.
"Taken from the HOLY BIBLE: EASY-TO-READ VERSION © 2001 by World Bible Translation
Center, Inc. and used by permission."


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