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New Testament in a Year - May 23

John 6:25 - 6:51- Easy-To-Read Version (ERV)

May 23

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Jesus, the Bread of Life

25The people found Jesus on the other side of the lake. They asked Jesus, "Teacher,
when did you come here?" 26Jesus answered, "Why are you looking for me? Are you
looking for me because you saw me do miracles* that prove my power? No! I tell you
the truth. You are looking for me because you ate the bread and you were satisfied
(full). 27Earthly food spoils and ruins. So don't work to get that kind of food.
But work to get the food that stays good always and gives you life forever. The
Son of Man* will give you that food. God the Father showed that he is with the
Son of Man." 28The people asked Jesus, "What are the things God wants us to do?"
29Jesus answered, "The work God wants you to do is this: to believe in the One
that God sent." 30So the people asked, "What miracle* will you do to prove [that
you are the One God sent]? If we can see you do a miracle, then we will believe
you. What will you do? 31Our fathers (ancestors) ate the manna (food) God gave
them in the desert. This is written in the Scriptures* : 'God gave them bread from
heaven to eat.'* " 32Jesus said, "I tell you the truth. Moses was not the one that
gave your people bread from heaven. But my Father gives you the true bread from
heaven. 33What is the bread of God? God's bread is the One that comes down from
heaven and gives life to the world." 34The people said, "Sir, give us this bread
always." 35Then Jesus said, "I am the bread that gives life. The person that comes
to me will never be hungry. The person that believes in me will never be thirsty.
36I told you before that you have seen me, and still you don't believe. 37The Father
gives me my people. Every one of those people will come to me. I will always accept
every person that comes to me. 38I came down from heaven to do what God wants me
to do. I did not come to do what I want to do. 39I must not lose any person that
God has given me. But I must raise up those people on the last day. This is what
the One who sent me wants me to do. 40Every person that sees the Son and believes
in him has life forever. I will raise up that person on the last day. This is what
my Father wants." 41The Jews began to complain about Jesus. They complained because
Jesus said, "I am the bread that comes down from heaven." 42The Jews said, "This
is Jesus. We know his father and mother. Jesus is only Joseph's son. How can he
say, 'I came down from heaven'?" 43But Jesus said, "Stop complaining to each other.
44The Father is the One who sent me. And the Father is the One who brings people
to me. I will raise up those people on the last day. If the Father does not bring
a person to me, then that person cannot come to me. 45It is written in the prophets*
: 'God will teach all the people.'* People listen to the Father and learn from him.
Those people come to me. 46I don't mean that anyone has seen the Father. The only
person that has ever seen the Father is the One that came from God. That person
has seen the Father. 47I tell you the truth. If a person believes, then that person
has life forever. 48I am the bread that gives life. 49Your ancestors* ate the manna
(food) God gave them in the desert. But [like all people], they died. 50[I am] the
bread that comes down from heaven. If a person eats this bread, he will never die.
51I am the living bread that came down from heaven. If a person eats this bread,
then that person will live forever. This bread is my body. I will give my body
so that the people in the world can have life."

Footnotes: Son of Man A name Jesus used for himself. In Dan. 7:13-14, this is the
name for the Messiah, the one God chose to save his people. miracle(s) Miracles
are amazing works done by God's power. Scriptures Holy Writings--the Old Testament.
'God gave ... eat' Quote from Ps. 78:24. prophets People that spoke for God. Some
of them wrote books that are part of the Old Testament. 'God ... people' Quote from
Isa. 54:13. ancestors Literally, "fathers," meaning a person's parents, grandparents,
and all the people they are descended from.

"Taken from the HOLY BIBLE: EASY-TO-READ VERSION © 2001 by World Bible Translation
Center, Inc. and used by permission."


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