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New Testament in a Year - May 17

John 3:22 - 3:36- Easy-To-Read Version (ERV)

May 17

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Jesus and John the Baptizer

22After this, Jesus and his followers went into the area of Judea. There Jesus stayed
with his followers and baptized* people. 23John was also baptizing people in Aenon.
Aenon is near Salim. John was baptizing there because there was plenty of water.
People were going there to be baptized. 24(This happened before John was put into
prison.) 25Some of John's followers had an argument with another Jew. They were
arguing about religious washing.* 26So the followers came to John. They said, "Teacher,
remember the man that was with you on the other side of the Jordan River? He is
the man you were telling people about. That man is baptizing* people, and many people
are going to him." 27John answered, "A man can get only what God gives him. 28You
yourselves heard me say, 'I am not the Christ.* I am only the one that God sent
to prepare the way for him.' 29The bride always belongs to the bridegroom.* The
friend that helps the bridegroom just waits and listens. He's happy just to hear
the bridegroom talk. That's how I feel now. I'm so happy that he (Jesus) is here.
30He must become more and more important. And I must become less important.

The One That Comes from Heaven

31"The One (Jesus) that comes from above is greater than all other people. The person
that is from the earth belongs to the earth. That person talks about things that
are on the earth. But the One (Jesus) that comes from heaven is greater than all
other people. 32He (Jesus) tells what he has seen and heard. But people don't accept
what he says. 33The person that accepts what he (Jesus) says has given proof that
God speaks the truth. 34God sent him (Jesus). And he tells the things that God says.
God gives [him] the Spirit* fully. 35The Father loves the Son. The Father has given
the Son power over everything. 36The person that believes in the Son has life forever.
But the person that does not obey the Son will never have that life. God's anger
stays with that person."

Footnotes: baptize(d), baptizing Greek word meaning to immerse, dip, or bury a person
or thing briefly under water. religious washing The Jews had religious rules about
washing in special ways before eating, before worshiping in the temple, and at other
special times. Christ The "anointed one" (Messiah) or chosen one of God. bridegroom
A man that is getting married. Spirit, Holy Spirit Also called the Spirit of God,
the Spirit of Christ, and the Comforter. Joined with God and Christ, he does God's
work among people in the world.

"Taken from the HOLY BIBLE: EASY-TO-READ VERSION © 2001 by World Bible Translation
Center, Inc. and used by permission."


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