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New Testament in a Year - May 11

Luke 24:13-35- Easy-To-Read Version (ERV)

May 11

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On The Road to Emmaus

13That same day two of Jesus' followers were going to a town named Emmaus. It is
about seven miles from Jerusalem. 14They were talking about everything that had
happened. 15While they were discussing these things, Jesus himself came near and
walked with them. 16(But the two men were not allowed to recognize Jesus.) 17Then
Jesus said, "What are these things you are talking about while you walk?" The two
men stopped. Their faces looked very sad. 18The one named Cleopas answered, "You
must be the only person in Jerusalem that does not know what has just happened
there." 19Jesus said to them, "What are you talking about?" The men said to him,
"It's about Jesus, the one from Nazareth. To God and to all the people he was a
great prophet.* He said and did many powerful things. 20But our leaders and the
leading priests gave him away to be judged and killed. They nailed Jesus to a cross.
21We were hoping that Jesus would be the one to free Israel (the Jews). But then
all this happened. And now something else: It has been three days since [Jesus
was killed], 22but today some of our women told us an amazing thing. Early this
morning the women went to the tomb (grave) where the body of Jesus was laid. 23But
they did not find his body there. They came and told us that they had seen two angels
in a vision.* The angels said that Jesus was alive! 24So some of our group went
to the tomb, too. It was just like the women said--[the tomb was empty]. They saw
the tomb, but they did not see him (Jesus)." 25Then Jesus said to the two men, "You
are foolish and slow to realize what is true. You should believe everything the
prophets* said. 26The prophets said that the Christ* must suffer these things before
he enters his glory." 27Then Jesus began to explain everything that had been written
about himself in the Scriptures.* Jesus started with the books of Moses and then
he talked about what the prophets had said about him. 28They came near the town
of Emmaus and Jesus acted like he did not plan to stop there. 29But they wanted
him to stay. They begged him, "Stay with us. It is late; it is almost night." So
he went in to stay with them. 30Jesus got ready to eat with them and took some bread.
He gave thanks for the food and divided it. Then he gave it to them. 31At that time,
the men were allowed to recognize Jesus. But when they saw who he was, he disappeared.
32The two men said to each other, "When Jesus talked to us on the road, it felt
like a fire burning in us. It was exciting when he explained to us the true meaning
of the Scriptures.* " 33So the two men got up then and went back to Jerusalem. In
Jerusalem they found the followers of Jesus meeting together. The eleven apostles*
and those people that were with them 34said, "The Lord (Jesus) really has risen
from death! He showed himself to Simon (Peter)." 35Then the two men told the things
that had happened on the road. They talked about how they recognized Jesus when
he divided the bread.

Footnotes: prophet A person that spoke for God. vision(s) Something like dreams
that God used to speak to people. prophet(s) People that spoke for God. Some of
them wrote books that are part of the Old Testament. Christ The "anointed one" (Messiah)
or chosen one of God. Scriptures Holy Writings--the Old Testament. apostles Men
that Jesus chose to be his special helpers for telling his Good News to the world.

"Taken from the HOLY BIBLE: EASY-TO-READ VERSION © 2001 by World Bible Translation
Center, Inc. and used by permission."


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